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Gum Transplant

Dentiste Saint-jean Sur Richelieu

Gum Transplant

When you have gum recession your gums recede and the root of your tooth becomes exposed.

Bare roots are more vulnerable to cavities and dentinal hypersensitivity that can affect oral comfort. In addition, the teeth appear longer and black spaces or black triangles appear between the teeth. These unattractive manifestations are often unpleasant when they concern the front teeth. Gingival grafting is a procedure that can be used to strengthen thin gums or to raise the gums when gum loss has begun. The gum graft often comes from the palate. It is also possible to use an allodermal membrane which allows us not to touch the palate.

You cannot imagine how simple gum grafting is with today's techniques. During the consultation we will give you all the necessary explanations for a good understanding of this treatment.

Why do we lose gums?

  • Heredity;
  • Lack of hygiene;
  • Poor flossing;
  • Important hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause);

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